Custom resolver to explose logged in user info for ZK (Spring Security)

To expose spring security’s authentication info with object name “authentication” in ZK CE, the following simple resolver is useful.

import org.zkoss.xel.VariableResolver;
* Resolver to make “authentication” object available for zk EL.
* @author Anil
public class SecurityResolver implements VariableResolver {
public Object resolveVariable(String name) {
if (“authentication”.equals(name)) {
return SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication();
return null;

This is resolver will be used as below:

<?variable-resolver class=”com.gavs.zk.common.SecurityResolver”?>

<toolbar id=”toolbar” style=”margin-top: -15px;”>

<toolbarbutton image=”/images/icons/small/home.ico” label=”Home”   if=”${authentication.principal == ‘roleAnonymous’}” style=”font-size: 11px; font-weight: bold;”>

<attribute name=”onClick”>

<![CDATA[Executions.sendRedirect(“/index.zul”); ]]>




Here  “Home” link gets displayed only if user has not yet logged into system.


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